Newsletter No111

This is Masud Parker, one of our most recent beginners. Masud was bought a set
of equipment by a very generous relative when they heard he was trying Archery
with Ardleigh. When he told us the equipment was coming, we had concerns that it
might not be quite suitable for a newer archer, while they are developing their style.
As you can see, we needn’t have worried!

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Newsletter No110

Our former member, Sarah Bettles is continuing to compete on the international scene, taking a pivotal role in some very tense shoot-offs. Sarah won Team Bronze at the World Championships and Team Gold at the European Games in Minsk, both in June. 

All the fun at the Field shoot

The picture above is at our 59th Annual Club Field Competition on Sunday 1st September.  A lovely (if occasionally slightly overcast!) day. The results will be at the end of this newsletter, together with those for the WA1440, Club Target and Double American competitions

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Small News Letter 105

This was a first time ever for him shooting a bow.  He had a quite intensive session and, as you can see, he took to it like a “duck to water”.  Shooting from a good distance back, all aspects of his style were good and the results are as you can see.  We started off, as usual, with barebow and then put a sight on, which was when this happened!

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