Newsletter No 116

Following Archery GB’s guidelines has at least made it possible for people to do a Warwick Round if they wish, so that Awards Competition is still running and people are shooting qualifying scores.  Our Club Competitions dates have mostly been and gone.

There has been some relaxation with the rule on sharing a target.  Where it was just one archer per target unless they are from the same household, now two archers from different households may share, providing they shoot separately, and withdraw their own arrows!

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Social distancing in action

Newletter No 115

We received notice on 14th May that shooting could re-commence subject to 8 criteria being matched and shooting re-commended at Ardleigh on Sunday 24th May 2020. We could comply with all the criteria except for one, which was a recommendation that targets be left out.  This might have proved to be something of a gamble at Bretons so it was decided that sanitizing spray should be used on the 5 targets we can use on the field before putting out and putting away.

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Newsletter No 113

We’ll start off the year with a small piece of mild silliness that seems to be endemic amongst some of our members.

This is the aiming point Ken Dell uses when he shoots his longbow in the Tudor Barn.   I understand from Ken that there may be some additions or alterations to this small scene during the coming months and perhaps the addition of a small lake enabled by the recent ingress of rainwater through the extractor fan in the roof, this could, perhaps, become something of a beauty spot!

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Newsletter No111

This is Masud Parker, one of our most recent beginners. Masud was bought a set
of equipment by a very generous relative when they heard he was trying Archery
with Ardleigh. When he told us the equipment was coming, we had concerns that it
might not be quite suitable for a newer archer, while they are developing their style.
As you can see, we needn’t have worried!

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