Newsletter No128

The first of our series of sessions for beginners took place on 31st October, 7th and 14th November was
extremely successful in that we gained Nigel, Kieron, Tom, Alex, Mia, Ravinder and Safina as members.
Actually Mia and Safina had already joined us before the sessions started!
The help of members both new and more established is much appreciated and we’ve had very good
“feedback” from those who were trying Archery for the first time.
Our next series on Sundays 28th November and 5th and 12th December is already full at the time of writing
and, again, members’ help towards the success of the sessions will be most useful!.
We have another series arranged, starting on 9th January 2022 through the 16th and 23rd and there are
already people listed to take part in that.

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