Newsletter No125

Another of or new members, David, matching the colour of his shirt with where his arrows are!  This is the first time David and Sandra shot  with us on a Club night.  Both show great promise!.

We’ve had the biggest intake of new members (with possibly more to come!) and the assistance of members will, again, be much appreciated in “absorbing” them into our Club.  We’ve put a temporary “hold” on taking any more new archers.

I have to say, we also have the good fortune to have gained so many potentially excellent archers.  Temporarily, we’ve put a hold on running sessions for new archers but expect to commence these again some time in October.  We will, though, be holding sessions for those people who would have taken part in our original sessions during July and August but for a variety of reasons, couldn’t take part then.

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Newsletter No124

Three of our newer members demonstrating their capabilities!  All our new people are developing a good style.  Oby (seen above) does seem to enjoy hitting the gold, Nicholai too, and Elaine is demonstrating a very nice, relaxed style during her introductory session, only the second time she has shot a “proper” bow!  We also have Jing shooting as an Associate Member with us as he is already a member of Newham Archers.

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Newsletter No123

We held the last of our free taster sessions on 27th June and we were privileged to meet Robert Coleman who wanted to try Archery with us. The courses will cost £25 for over 18s and £10 for younger people and this is credited against membership fees when they join.  The sessions will commence on Sunday 11th July and starting at 10.00am and will last for two hours,  We’ll be covering safe shooting, putting a bow together, shooting using a sight, scoring and anything else that pops up during the sessions.

Our team is shown in action by our hedge, with Selestina and Steve practicing nearby.  Both demonstrate a good style in a very short time, which is nice! We’ve gained 14 new members so far this year, two of them in the back ground.

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Newsletter No122

We welcome another new member, Stephanie Hoppe (pictured above).  Stephanie was visiting with Maria and said she’d like to join us and although she tried shooting on one of our free ”taster” sessions, shot with us properly on the Sunday afternoon of the League match.  Stephanie shot two six-gold ends during the session using one of our Club bows and probably un-matched arrows.  She shows great promise.

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These are the scores for our second Essex Summer League Match, postal again, with West Essex Bowmen.  With the current extension of the “relaxation” date for Covid put back to 19th July, the next one might be postal too.

A win for West Essex Bowmen by 647 points and in the League Table we’re still supporting the other 5 teams!

Newsletter No 121

This was a successful day for Chris Phillips, who won the Fred Towler Rose Bowl for the top score in the Western Round (634).  This was also a personal best.

Chris’s granddaughter Mia also had a successful day.  Well, it was actually a very successful day!  Mia shot in the Junior Ladies’ Under 14 Competition.  The round was a Bristol 4 (6 dozen arrows at 40 yards, 4 dozen at 30 yards and 2 dozen at 20 yards) and Mia scored 972 points  which is also a personal best.  This won Mia the Jubilee Cup for the Highest Score by an Essex Lady Archer Under 14.  Mia also won a commemorative badge from Noak Hill Bowmen for achieving two 6 gold ends.

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Newsletter No120

The photo shows one of our junior lady members, Mia, set a new Essex and Suffolk Portsmouth Record last year (please see Newsletter 118) with a score of 489.   Finally, on 11th April, Mia received the County Certificate for her achievement.  She seems quite pleased, and so she should be, it really is quite an achievement.

Still on 11th April, members shooting as per Archery GB requirements regarding distancing, etc.  One of our newer members, Prital, joined us last year and is shooting for the first time since December and also her first time shooting outdoors and demonstrating a very promising style  as can be seen from the picture, the day was dry with occasional sunshine.  What isn’t immediately apparent is how absolutely (insert own epithet) cold it was when the Sun disappeared

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